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Application of aluminum alloy circular mountaineering buttons
Moreover, mountaineering buckles are now widely used in the field of sports goods, such as stainless steel triangular mountaineering buckles can be used on sandbag ropes to cope with high tensile strength. 1. When Using Double-Ring 8-knot rope method, try not to use only one of the rope ring to fasten the safety belt, because the rope ring tension may lead to another rope loosening.
2. If it is necessary to use only one rope ring with a double-ring 8-knot as a connection, it is better to hang a lock on the other rope ring and fasten it on the rope as a secondary protection to avoid the knot failure.
Mountaineering buckle is an indispensable help among mountain climbers, the correct use, can better protect their own safety and health, and hope that through the above mentioned content, so that everyone in the use of the mountain mouth, can take the most effective and the most correct way to protect our personal safety.

The use of mountaineering buttons

    Mountaineering buckle is one of the mountaineering equipment, its production materials can be aluminum alloy, or iron, or stainless steel, the shape of different, such as aluminum alloy mountaineering buckle ring, runway, golden egg, square, triangle and so on. Most people will choose aluminum alloy mountaineering buckle, because it is light, corrosion, rust-proof, all loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts; stainless steel triangle mountaineering buckle can be used on sandbag rope, to cope with high-strength stretching, fast hanging items.

    Climbing buckle is very helpful to climbers. It can protect their safety and health. But when using climbing buckle, the correct method should be used to avoid bad consequences. When using the double-ring 8-knot rope method, one of the rope rings can not be used to fasten the safety belt, mainly because the rope ring tension may lead to another rope loosening; if the need to use a double-ring 8-knot rope ring as a connection, it is better to hang a lock on the other rope ring, fasten on the rope as a secondary protection, so as not to lose the knot. Effect. If climbers take the most effective and correct measures, they will be able to protect our own personal safety and reduce some of the worries.

    In addition to preparing climbing buckles, climbers should also master some climbing skills. They should keep their body balance and pace by swinging their arms. They should adjust their breathing and pace in a rhythmic manner. The best walking speed is to walk without panting, with shoulders straight, feet touching the ground, and from heel to toe. Try to keep the speed as uniform as possible; walk uphill, the center of gravity should be in front of the sole of the foot, the body slightly forward, downhill when the center of gravity on the back of the sole, while lowering the center of gravity, the body slightly sagging.


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